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The Google Nexus 7 Tablet PC has been voted one of the most successful Android Tablet PC to date. However some people ask what can a Nexus 7 do? This article analyzes what this tablet can do and also what we wish it could do.

Runs Applications and Games better: The Nexus 7 tablet PC has one selling feature – its hardware. Equipped with a Quad Core processor, 1GB of RAM and an excellent graphics card, the device is capable of running programs, watching movies and playing games with ease. The operating system, the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System also contributes to the way how this tablet handles applications, especially the way how it supports multitasking and management of applications and files.

Cashless Payment Transactions: Most smartphones and Tablet PCs now support Near Field Communication (NFC) – this will allow users to transfer documents like photos and video clips just by tapping the devices together. New financial transactions also adopt NFC technology for peer to peer cashless money transfer.

Performs Face Unlocking: The Google Nexus Tablet PC allows users to unlock the screen using face recognition techniques. Although this may not be 100% fool-proof – an identical twin can fool it I guess but the face recognition feature enables multiple pictures to be taken either in bright or poor lighting or even when wearing glasses. Other security options available to users also include

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Offline GPS Navigation: I love this feature. Google Nexus 7 supports offline navigation thanks to the combination of an in-built GPS and offline Google Maps. This makes it possible to navigate to locations without the use of a WiFi hotspot or a 3G/4G connection. What I do when using my Tablet PC for GPS navigation is to simply enter my routes before leaving the house with WiFi and navigate with the device in the car without any data connection. Works well.

What can a Nexus 7 do

Intelligent Planning: Using Google NOW, the Nexus 7 can determine traffic information to work for instance just before leaving the house and can also display the weather for the day, sports news and other preferences. Google Now works with Google Web History which has to be enabled for better results. It also requires a WiFi connection for it to work.

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 Posted on : September 23, 2012

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