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Viewsonic has released a 7 inch version Tablet PC called the ViewPad 7e that comes with the Android 2.3 Operating System, WiFi Support and Bluetooth.

According to John P Mello Jr, from PC World states that the…

ViewSonic already has a couple of low-profile slates on the market: the ViewPad 10Pro, a 10-inch tablet that runs both Windows 7 and Android, and sells for around $650; the ViewPad 7, a 7-inch Android tablet that sells in the area of $290. But the 7e is definitely targeted at the $200 sweet spot in the market that’s also occupied by Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.

The ViewPad 7e runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread, not the Honeycomb version of the OS specifically designed for tablets. It has a 1 GHz processor and 4 GB of internal storage that can be upgraded up to 32GB. It also has a 800-by-600 multitouch display and supports RiteTouch, which allows you to write on the screen with a stylus.

The ViewPad 7e comes with Dual Cameras and a mini-HDMI cable, two features not available in the Kindle Flre and Kobo. At the $199.99 price point, it will definitely compete with the Kindle Fire and the Kobo Vox. Some observers fear that the Kindle Fire and Kobo Vox will have some catching up to do…

What’s mildly amusing about JPM’s latest take on the Fire is that just last month one of Anmuth’s colleagues, Mark Moskowitz, was bad-mouthing the tablet. “We are not impressed with Kindle Fire,” he said in a research note. “In our view, [it] is a stepping stone, at best, into the tablet market. We think that for any vendor to wrestle momentum from Apple, a fully-loaded offering is a must, and here, Kindle Fire falls short for now.”

“In our view,” he added. “Kindle Fire’s low price point speaks to how there is much lacking in the device. At $199, we argue that the price point is not going to afford most users a tablet-experience, which is a problem if Amazon wants to become a major tablet vendor.”

In summary, with the number of devices being sold at $199.99, people will have a wider range of Tablets to purchase for Black Friday and the holiday season.

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 Posted on : October 27, 2011

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