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One of the first tasks to do when you get an Android Tablet PC is to install your favourite applications. This document highlights 3 ways how to install applications to your device with ease.

Google Play (formerly Android Market)

This is the preferred method of downloading and installing application unto your Android Tablet PC.  Google Play is Google’s version of the iStore – users can buy and download applications, movies, songs, books, and other items.  Users can also rent movies as well from Google Play. Note that free applications and games are available to download.

Google Play is also the source for application upgrades. When an application requires an upgrade, the Google play icon will appear on the top-left hand corner of the Android Tablet.

In order to use Google play, you must be connected to the Internet and you must have a Google mail account. Getting a Gmail account is free and you can get one right from the Google Play if you are installing it for the first time.

Although the Google Play is my preferred choice, there are other methods of installing applications. 2 alternatives are mentioned in this document.

Launching Google Play

Step 1:- Look for the Android Market logo on your tablet home screen or in your applications area.

Step 2: Click on Google Play. If it is your first time running this application, you will be prompted to Sign in our Create a Gmail account which is free.

Step 3: When Google Play is running you can either click on Apps, Movies, Games or Books to select the applications you wish to install. If you are looking for a specific application, type the name of the application in the search option

Step 4: From the search results, select the application you wish to install. Click on Install to proceed with the installation of the application. You will see the installation status on the top-left corner of the Android Tablet.

Step 5: When the installation is complete, slide the top menu of the Android Tablet down and click on the application to launch it.

For more information about the Google Play, check


SlideMe is a wonderful alternative to Google Play place to install apps onto your Android Tablet. With SlideMe, you can either install the SAM application directly to your device or you can download the application *.apk file unto a flash drive and install it from the flash drive.

Instructions on how to install applications using the SlideMe application on the Android Tablet are similar to the Google Play steps illustrated above.

For more information about SlideMe, please visit .

Installing from the USB flash drive

If you do not have access to Wifi, you can download the apk file for the application from SlideMe or, save it on a flash drive and install it from the flash drive.

Step 1 (for ZT-180 10”epad): – Connect USB flash drive to the ePad, select the folder icon on the right-central edge of the window and select UDISK.

Step 2: Locate the *.apk file and tap the file to install the application.

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 Posted on : January 19, 2011

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