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In 2010, few models of the aPads or MID Tablet PCs came with the HDMI port that allowed users to connect their tablets PCs to a television or a projector. This made it possible for business executives to use Tablet PCs as a lighter alternative to the notebook as a means to market their products and services to their clientele. This feature made the Chinese Tablets more popular to business executives prior to the release of the OEM Tablets with Dual Core Processors.

Movie lovers, Business executives and the young at heart will love to purchase a Tablet PC with HDMI support but need to consider before spending your money on one.

Does the tablet support up to 1080p?

The early generation Tablets like the WowPads running Android 2.1 and lower only supported 720p which was a good start years ago but it is no longer exciting when you are watching a movie on a 50 inch 1080p HDTV. The image will not cover the entire screen except it is zoomed out. It is better to go for tablets that support full 1080p – you may have to pay more for this but you will not want to be disappointed if you do not get the full wide-screen experience.

Can it “mirror” the display on the HDTV?

This is an important question as some Tablet PCs only allow only movies and You Tube clips to be transmitted via HDMI. These tablets in question cannot show Applications like games or PowerPoint presentations on any HDTV or projector. For some individuals that want to mirror the entire display to the HDTV, this will not be the right Tablet PC to get. The Flytouch 3 Tablet PCs fall into this category. However units like the Haipad M7/Dropad A8, the entire screen is mirrored, thus giving the user the ability to display everything – games, the desktop and Power Point presentations.

Can you still navigate on the Touchscreen while using HDMI?

This is a follow up to the previous question. When HDMI transmission is activated on some tablets, the display on the tablet goes blank. In other words, the touchscreen is disabled when watching movies. For users that want to access the touchscreen when watching movies via HDMI, they will be disappointed. Tablets with display mirror capability can still control their tablets using the touchscreen.

Does your unit come HDMI “ready”?

This is where most Android Tablets make their mark. Some tablet PCs come with the HDMI port built-in. No extra ports are required to use HDMI apart from the HDMI cable. However some users have to spend extra money – up to $40 more to get an HDMI add-on if they want to project their display on the big screen. To some, this becomes a bit expensive.

Does your Tablet have a Mini or “Normal”  HDMI port?

Most 7 and 10 inch tablet PCs come with a mini-HDMI port and not with a normal HDMI port that comes with DVDs and Blue ray players. This may not be an issue, but please do not buy a cheap HDMI cable – your cable should be able to transmit enough power from the tablet to the HDTV. I tried connecting a $10 mini HDMI cable and I was highly disappointed.

HDMI “Plug and Play”?

This may be dependent on the firmware or the OS version of the tablet – For the Flytouch 2 and 3, HDMI connectivity is activated when pressing the Menu button – this is a toggle switch back to the touchscreen. For some other tablets like the WOWpad running Android 2.1, HDMI is activated from the System settings. For the more recent tablets, especially most running Android 2.2 and higher, HDMI is “plug and play”.

I hope that this posting will help us choose the right tablet PC.

 Posted on : October 8, 2011

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