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The Haipad M7/Dropad A8 Samsung PV210 tablets have received a lot of positive reviews from users worldwide. I purchased this Android Tablet unit 3 months ago and since then I have never allowed it to rest.

In this review, I am going to go straight into the features and benefits of this tablet PC.

7 inch Capacitive Screen: In 2010, most Android Tablet PCs came with resistive touchscreens which made it difficult for many people to use. For information purposes, resistive screens require users to navigate the screen using their fingernails or a stylus. An extra push is required if our fingertips are used to navigate and activate screen icons. Resistive screens are more common with GPS devices and some remote controls. However with the Haipad M7/Dropad A8 Samsung PV210 tablets, the screens are capacitive which is much better and smoother for the fingers and the feel is similar to the iPads, iTouch and high end Android Tablets. The HaiPad M7 touchscreen also supports multi-touch that makes it easier to rotate, zoom in and out of pages, pictures and games This was one of the compelling factors that made me to recommend this unit.

Fast processor: The Samsung PV210 A8 processor runs at 1.0GHz, which is ideal for games, graphics and overall processing power. This makes it possible to play 3D games without any glitches. Try playing Angry Birds Rio and you will see the “fluid” in the graphics – awesome!!

Dual Screen/HDMI streaming: This feature is a killer – this unit streams up to 1080p to High Definition TVs and projectors. When connected to the HDTV, users will see the Dual screen capability of the device. Any application, game or movie will show on the Android Tablet as well as the HDTV. Many other Android Tablets can only stream Video clips.

Excellent WiFi and External 3G Support: This unit supports an external 3G USB Modem, preferably the Huawei E1750. Since the device has mini USB ports you will need to use the mini USB adapter to connect the device to the modem. Although some users feel that external 3G USB devices are cumbersome to handle, it is definitely a solution that works.

Battery Life: This unit has an average battery life of 5 hours. Not bad, although I will recommend that the screen timeout should not be set more than 10 mins to get the best out of the Tablet PC.

Advice: Please install Dophin HD Internet Browser on the device via Android Market. This browser works well with the Haipads.

Conclusion: The Haipad M7/Dropad Tablet PC has a lot of wonderful features that will make it succeed in today’s market. For the price of about $220 US, it is definitely worth the price.

 Posted on : June 22, 2011
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