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ApadCanada now has the HaiPad M7 PV210 Android Tablet available for sale. After a few test runs, I must admit that this device is one of the best units I have seen our used apart from the “known” vendors in the marketplace.

I watched two episodes of Survivor on and it was a wonderful experience. The 7 inch capacitive screen makes the touchscreen experience one to remember. No need to spend so much on a Capacitive screen based tablet when one can get one for less than $300

Features of this unit includes multi-touch capability, voice to text functionality (when browsing the web). 2 USB ports for connecting an external keyboard or a 3G USB dongle to the device. HDMI out functionality to watch movies on a projector or the big screen.

Although it does not come with Android 3.0, it still does exceptionally well for the price. It supports Flash 10.2 – a necessity for some video clips, games and other multimedia applications. I believe this unit will be successful in the Android Tablet world.

It is a nice device to get if you want to enjoy all the features of most of the current tablets provided by the “bigger players”.

Click here to buy one now….

 Posted on : April 14, 2011

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