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QR (Quick Response) codes are fast becoming important from the perspective of the buyer and the seller.

An increasing number of business owners are adding QR codes to their flyers, business cards and place holders and even clothes to advertise their product and services. Walk into a store nowadays and see QR codes beside the price tags. Read a newspaper or a magazine and you will see QR codes with offers on most pages. Some business owners even have QR Codes on their business cards.

Buyers also have seen the importance of using QR code readers. They want to get the best deals and discounts without spending too much time typing website addresses. Mobile users are on the go and therefore need to quickly access information from the their smartphones. QR codes have made this possible.

If you want to take advantage of discounts, coupons and deals from a restaurant, you should consider using a QR (or Quick Response) code on your phone. If you don’t already have a QR Code App on your smartphone it’s easy to download and install. Just follow the steps below.

Open the application center for your Smartphone Device

  • For iPhone, open the App Store
  • For Android Phones, open Google Play
  • For Microsoft phones, use Windows Mobile
  • For Blackberry Phones, use App World

Install QR code Application

  • In the search field, enter “QR code reader,” or “QR code Scanner”
  • Install the Free Version of the QR code Reader application

Start Scanning QR codes

  • Use your phone to start scanning QR codes.
  • You could try this code shown below which will take you to a coupon.
  • Look at local flyers for other QR codes.

QR Code apadcanada
In summary, the use of QR codes by buyers and sellers comes with its benefits. To the seller QR codes are tools to make offline marketing worth- while when using flyers and online marketing when using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

To the mobile buyer, QR codes are useful when getting online coupons, deals, acquiring website information, contact information and the host of others.

 Posted on : July 5, 2013
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