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Haipad M7/Dropad A8 Samsung PV210 – Review

The Haipad M7/Dropad A8 Samsung PV210 tablets have received a lot of positive reviews from users worldwide. I purchased this Android Tablet unit 3 months ago and since then I have never allowed it to rest. In this review, I am going to go straight into the features and benefits of this tablet PC. 7 […]

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A-pads, ePads, WowPads – The new wave of Android Tablets

In 2010, a lot of people were unfamiliar with a-Pads, ePads or Wowpads – otherwise known as  “iPad clones”. A few that purchased these devices concluded that a-Pads lacked the touch or feel of the iPad. A good number of people also acknowledged that the a-Pads are not user-friendly due to poor documentation, problems accessing […]

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Haipad M7 A8 Samsung PV210 Tablet

ApadCanada now has the HaiPad M7 PV210 Android Tablet available for sale. After a few test runs, I must admit that this device is one of the best units I have seen our used apart from the “known” vendors in the marketplace. I watched two episodes of Survivor on and it was a wonderful […]

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