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Apad to PC Video calling via Tango – Now Available

Tango just released its revolutionary video chat version for Personal Computers on September 30, 2011. Users of  Apads, Android Tablets, Apple iPads, desktops, laptops and netbooks can now communicate together without any hassle. Since Tango supports video calling, Apad to PC video calling will be more exciting and interesting. One advantage of using Tango is that […]

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BlackBerry Playbook 16GB now $299.99 at The Source

The price wars have started. Blackberry Playbooks are now selling from $299.99 in the retail stores. This is seen to be a response from Amazon’s Kindle Fire which sells for $100 less. Since the Playbooks are already available in the stores, this will make the Playbook tablets sell faster. Is this a smart move? Let […]

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Amazon Introduces Kindle Fire for $199

Amazon released the new Kindle Fire on September 28 2011 – which runs a version of Google Android. With Amazon providing one of the largest online store services in the world (if not the largest), customers can now download e-books, movies, applications and games directly from Amazon. The Kindle Tablet comes with a 7 inch […]

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