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Haipad M7 A8 Samsung PV210 Tablet

ApadCanada now has the HaiPad M7 PV210 Android Tablet available for sale. After a few test runs, I must admit that this device is one of the best units I have seen our used apart from the “known” vendors in the marketplace. I watched two episodes of Survivor on and it was a wonderful […]

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3G Solutions for Android Tablets – Another Plus for a-Pads now offers 3G solutions to those that want to use their Android Tablet PCs on the go. Many customers previously discouraged from purchasing Android Tablets due of  lack of 3G support can now purchase 3G USB adapters and enjoy the benefits of mobile computing. One of my customers was pleased at this development and […]

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How to Install Applications on the Android Tablet PC

One of the first tasks to do when you get an Android Tablet PC is to install your favourite applications. This document highlights 3 ways how to install applications to your device with ease. Google Play (formerly Android Market) This is the preferred method of downloading and installing application unto your Android Tablet PC.  Google […]

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Portable 3G solution for Android Tablet PCs

I was looking for a solution for my Android a-Pad that does support an internal 3G slot.  In addition I wanted a solution that can work on the go. The portable 3G Wireless Router is an ideal solution. One of the key features of the Zalip CDM530AM 3G Wirless Router is the ability to connect […]

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