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In 2010, consumers had to spend above $500 for a Tablet PC – for an Apple iPad. As we enter 2012, competition and market forces have tablets much more affordable and popular and this has made it possible for someone to purchase a Tablet PC for less than $200.00 and even in the sub $100 price range.

Over 90% of  Apads less than $100 are sold by Asian wholesale suppliers. There has been an increasing number of renowned online stores including like Amazon and providing a growing catalog of these devices. A few months ago, HP dropped the price of their Touchpads to $99 and the consumer response was spontaneous. Everyone is always in the look out for them to purchase.

Consumers are more confident in purchasing sub $100 Tablet PCs. Major online stores provide the necessary warranties, returns, replacements and customer support for all Tablets showcased on their sites.

I have compiled a list of Tablet PCs that are currently sold below $100.

The top selling ones are below

$86.73 shipped–WM8650 Google Android OS2.2 256M 4GB Hard Drive 7 Inches TFT HD Touch Screen Tablet PC Notebook MID with Camera and 3G support (Red)

$79.66 shipped–C902 5 Inches Touch Screen Android 2.2 WiFi 3G Pocket Tablet PC (White)

8.0 inch Touch Screen Android 2.2 (Support Flash 10.1) aPad Style Tablet PC with WIFI, RJ45/2 USB Port Adapter, 1.3 Mega pixels Camera, Support TF Card and up to 16GB, 360 Degree Menu Rotate, CPU: VIA WM8650, 600MHz

If you want a more comprehensive variety of Apads less than $100, please click here.

In summary, it is expected that even more tablets will be sold at the sub $100 range in the new year. Let us see how it goes.


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