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Apad Canada Inc recently opened its first online eBook Publishing Course.. This has been one of the projects Matthew Ogbulafor wanted to do in 2013 – to have a resource center where authors, upcoming authors and book publishers can learn about modern ebook publishing techniques.

The ebook publishing course, hosted at is available for everyone to access for a subscription fee. It is also an avenue for those in the ministry and clergy to get their materials to the hands of people quickly without going through many bottlenecks and cost related issues.

This is one quote from Matthew regarding eBook Publishing.

If  authors do not have  ebook versions of their books in this era where everyone -both young and old carry at least a smartphone, a Tablet PC or an e-Reader, then they may have to give their books away for almost free in order to get rid of inventory


The eBook Publishing Course has the following features:

  • Hours of online video clips demonstrating step by step the process of creating and publishing eBooks with additional notes
  • Tips on how to choose the right title for any ebook
  • An template that can be used straight away to create ebooks with ease
  • Access to a team of editors and proofreaders (additional fees apply if engaged)
  • Tips on how to leverage social media to advertize and market ebooks
  • Live Training sessions to resolve any technical issues
  • WordPress Basics:- Additional 18 videos on how to install and use WordPress, one of the most widely used website design package.
  • Access to online songs and videos to relax.

The online eBook Publishing Course portal will be populated with more materials, new courses focusing on how to market our ebooks.

Learning how to publish eBooks will definitely be beneficial to authors, publishers of traditional books and even those who are looking for a career in online marketing.

Let us start tapping into the millions of Tablet PC, eReaders and Smartphone owners – take advantage of the eBook Publishing Course.


 Posted on : May 6, 2013
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