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Apad Canada has launched mobile  friendly website hub services for new and existing small business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to increase their customer base locally and globally by focusing on mobile phone subscribers who are always on the go.

An example of one of our Mobile Website Hubs used by our client, Talk to LIA  is shown below:

Mobile websites: Vital for Business

Having more customer traffic into one’s business is a key to growth and targeting the mobile phone user is a strategic move. Here’s why:

  • More people globally are rushing for new smartphones like the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Blackberry phones and are using them more for Internet surfing and social networking.
  • Phones and Tablet PCs are gradually replacing laptops and desktop as the tool to conduct business transactions
  • Consumers in developing countries access the web via their phones as a cheaper alternative to laptops

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Is your existing website mobile friendly?

Most Websites are NOT mobile friendly. An example of such sites is below


  • Site content appears tiny and unreadable.
  • Users are forced to zoom into site
  • Lots of potential customers will leave site if it is too hard to read or load
  • Many consumers are on the go and need bigger icons to work with


Mobile websites: Benefits

Having a mobile friendly website will attract more customers to patronize your services.

  • Content is clearly readable from any smartphone.
  • Products and Services can be clearly promoted, including service catalogs, coupons, menus.
  • One click button to contact business owner (phone, SMS/Text, email)
  • Google Maps can be added to guide customers to your locations
  • Showcase pictures and videos
  • Excellent for creating coupons
  • Direct customers via QR codes

In summary, mobile websites will become a necessity for business owners. If any company is looking at increasing their customer base and expanding their services, the mobile friendly website strategy is the way to go.


 Posted on : November 1, 2012
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