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Customers are attracted by coupons and will always love discounts and deals. Coupons and discounts are common placed in today’s marketplace but most business owners find it difficult to track the how successful these campaigns are if they are not using an online method.

Apad Canada helps business owners answer the following questions

  • How can one successfully track who redeemed their coupons?
  • How can I easily contact those who benefited from the coupons?
  • How can I get my customers to use these coupons?
  • How can I promote my coupons in a cost-effective manner?

Apad Canada has a Coupon Management system that business owners can use to distribute and manage and track coupons. It also works well with Facebook and can be an effective tool in increasing Facebook likes and shares.

Our Coupon Management Services provide the following benefits:

  1. Email list generation: Acquire customer information, including email addresses of all coupon recipients. This is very useful if you want to promote other offers and discounts via email. There is a popular saying that there is money in the list.
  2. Ability to add like and share gates to increase traffic on Facebook Fan pages: It is natural for your clients to refer your services to their friends especially once they get excellent services. Reward your clients with coupons when they refer your services to others. Your Facebook likes and the shares can make your promotions become viral and popular
  3. QR code integration with PIN authentication to secure coupon redemption process: QR codes help mobile phone redeem coupons by scanning the code first and then either saving, emailing or printing the coupon codes for redemption.
  4. Our coupons are 100% mobile friendly – customers can get coupons by phone or by email.
  5. Reports: Business Owners will be able to view reports to determine how successful the coupon campaigns are. Information like coupons printed, used by customer can be used strategically in future promotions
 Posted on : July 4, 2013
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