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Apad Canada, renowned for marketing and supporting Tablet PCs recently signed a Publisher Digital Services Agreements with Kobo to publish eBooks for sale online through the major eBook online stores. Authors can now partner with Apad Canada to publish their eBooks at more affordable rates.

According to Matt Ogbulafor, owner of Apad Canada,

Since mobile devices like Tablet PC and smartphones have now become house-hold items, business and learning tools, the time has come to push eBook awareness to a higher-level. People need to leverage their Tablet devices for more gain – this time in the area of learning and skills acquisition, as well as leisure reading.”

Apad Canada Inc understands the problems most authors have in publishing content – costs associated with publishing books using traditional methods and publicity – getting their books to the readers that need them. The company intends to work very closely with authors to ensure that their eBooks are published  for multiple loyalty streams and sales. In addition, with the use of the Internet, Apad Canada will also assist in ensuring wider exposure of eBooks to targeted readers.

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In addition to ebook publishing, Apad Canada also has a mission to revolutionize ebook awareness in developing countries where there are mobile devices like Tablet PCs but very few indigenous eBooks due to lack of eBook awareness. Costs associated with book publishing are so exorbitant that students end up spending so much money to purchase these books.

When we hear about the downward quality of education in continents like Africa, it does not take much time to blame it on the poor infrastructure like classrooms or electricity – but if we look deeper, it is also due to the high costs associated with purchasing textbooks

Ebooks in Africa is site managed by Apad Canada to promote ebook publishing in developing countries. It will take time for ebook publishing to become popular in Africa, but now is the time to get the word out there.

 Posted on : May 27, 2012
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