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The world of tablet PCs is taking another new dimension – the ability to make and receive phone calls, in addition to web browsing, e-reading and multimedia.

A number of applications are now available for voice and video calls –  Skype, Fring, Yahoo Messenger, Google Voice, Tango  just to mention a few. Calling using these applications require a WiFi connection and some cases 3G.

However most calls using these applications require either an application based phone ID like Skype, Yahoo Messenger and the others where your username is your phone ID. For a premium, you can also get a brand new phone number that one can use to make and receive calls to and from landlines and cell phones.

A question I ask myself is that if a device has a data plan, why can’t it be used to make voice calls or send text messages right off the bat? We may know the answer to this but we should be more interested in the solution rather than the issue.

Android Tablet phones like the T70 from Colovo have the capability of making and receiving calls right off your GSM data plan. Instead of having a phone and a tablet, you can use this tablet PC to make and receive calls to any landline and cell phone just like your phone. In addition to this you can also enjoy the benefits of Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other options to reach out to friends and family in other parts of the world.

The Android 2.2 T70 tablet PC has built-in 3G radio, Bluetooth and GPS modules. Use any Bluetooth headset for your phone calls and use Google Navigation and Text to speech to go to places of your choice. Enjoy the front and rear cameras for your video calls and navigate and run applications using the 7 inch capacitive touch-screen.

I have been testing this unit for over a month and it has not let me down. I now use my tablet to make my calls – the speaker phone is excellent, it supports call holding and forwarding, and 3-way calling, just like any other phone.

For more information about android tablet phones, please click here.

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