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Although the iPad from Apple is the most popular Tablet PC today, another set of Tablet PCs from China and India is increasing in popularity. These devices are referred to a-Pads, ePads and gPads. Do not mind the names – they are all virtually the same

I bought an a-Pad a few months ago from eBay. There were both positive and negative reviews about it but I wanted to see it for myself. One thing I learnt is that experience is the best teacher, so I took the risk.

I am glad that I took the risk. I was very impressed by the look and feel of the device.

When I showed the unit to my friends, they fell in love with it. The awareness is growing by the day and a good number of individuals are accepting the aPad as a Tablet PC of choice.

Here are some of the striking features of the A-pads.

Performance: The a-Pads can compete with the PC netbooks when it comes to performance. The a-Pad I purchased has a Telechip TCC8902 ARM 11 processor running at 720 Mhz with 256MB DDR2 RAM running Google Android 2.1. Tapping, screen rotation, watching movies are activities you can do without any problems.

Internet Capability: All a-Pad clones have WiFi Capability. The Android OS comes with a browser and the experience is wonderful. This is one of the most important features of the unit. Users can access their email account and download applications from the Android Marketplace from any hotspot, can watch a movie on YouTube or listen to online Radio. Some a-Pads support 3G technology to the delight of many people.

Portability: One major feature of the a-Pads is that users can purchase either a 7” , 8” or a 10” widescreen  aPad. Most users prefer 7” units – I watch movies on my a-Pad and the experience is awesome.

Support for Memory Expansion: a-Pads support SD and mirco SD cards of up to 32 GBs in most cases. This means you can download ebooks, movies and archive them accordingly. No need to delete items to conserve space. Some aPads come with USB OTG support which allows you to connect an external hard drive or a keyboard. This is sweet.

Access to Tons of Applications: Support for applications was a major worry for users in the past, but it is not the case. There are tons of free applications available on the Android Marketplace. With Android OS 2.1, you can download games, applications, office tools and other cool apps once you are online. If you cannot access the Android Marketplace, there are lots of sites that allow you to download *.APK files.

Entertainment and Multimedia: With the a-Pad, you can watch MP4, AVI and even HD movies. You can listen to WAV and MP3 songs. Some models come with a WebCam that will enable you take pictures and record video with the free camcorder software.

Overall, the a-Pad is an excellent option if one has a tight budget. It is also a nice Christmas present if you are purchasing a couple of items for people

Check out some A-pads Here

 Posted on : November 11, 2010

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