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Google introduced Android 4.0 Operating Systems in October 2011. At the time of this publication, it is the latest Android Tablet PC operating system in the market and it comes with a number of features that will make you want to get one when it becomes available in the stores later in the year.

This Android 4.0 review highlights key features that will guide consumers in choosing the right Tablet PC.

Android Beam – this cool feature enables Tablet PCs or Smart phones to exchange information between each other. Contact information, Video clips and other documents can be transferred from one device to another if they are in close proximity. One requirement in addition to the operating system is that the devices have to be Near Field Communication (NFC) compliant.

Gmail Offline Search – this enables users to search for email content even when there is no Internet connectivity. This becomes useful for devices that do not support 3G or 4G data connectivity. It also comes with a two-line preview feature similar to our Microsoft Outlook client so that you can quickly look at email snippets before opening them.

Face Unlock – This is a security features that enables users to unlock their devices using facial recognition. This is an answer to prayer – I have personally come across people that forget their security PIN or Pattern. In such cases the only remedy was to re-flash their devices. With face unlock, passing through the painful experience of searching for remedies are over.

Wi-Fi-Direct – This is another nice feature of Android 4.0 devices. With Wi-Fi Direct, two devices can connect to each other using Wi-Fi signals. We are used to connecting devices together via Bluetooth but this new feature takes connectivity to another level. With Wi-Fi connect; two devices can form a Peer-to-Peer network to transfer files, photographs, video clips and the rest. This is a bit similar to Android Beam and Wi-Fi tethering.

It is expected that OEMs will release their Android 4.0 tablets later in 2012.

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 Posted on : February 10, 2012

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